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In others ownership

Finnish CHAMPION Mistmere Masterpiece for Shelridge (Travis)

Now living with Mirva Pajunen in Finland

Shelridge Savannah (above)

3.5 months is by Lafitte de Moorstile chez Shelridge JW (Heston)ex
Hera's Wish for Shelridge. She now lives with Maureen & Eric Honour

Shelridge Sancerre

(Rumer) 9 months (avove) is by Heston out of Shelridge Crushed Velvet. Rumer lives with Deborah Daws and family and has been renamed Robin

Karmidale Matisse at Shelridge
"Matisse"(photo ESSC 17.10.09)
 (Caurniehill Canaletto at Shelridge ex
Karmidale Kindred Spirit)

more photos on puppy page 


 Matisse and Leyla are both enjoying their

retirement with Clare and Andy Naden

Shelridge Socialite JW "Leyla"
(Ch Stevlyn Coppersmith at Malaroc ex Karmidale Matisse at Shelridge JW) Photo at Leeds 2014 by Sandra Taylor
BPB Sheltie at Windsor 01.07.11 judge Derek Rigby.
BP, Pastoral Group 2: East of England Ladies Kennel Society Open Show 31.07 judge: June Rutterford
BP Sheltie.
Bournemouth 14.08 judge: Mrs P C East
 BP Sheltie.
Birmingham 03.09 judge: Mr Geof C Duffield
 BP Sheltie. Richmond 10.09 judge: Mr Jim Peach
BP Sheltie.
Midland Counties 29.10 judge: Mrs J E Moody ResCC BP In Show. MWSSC 30.10 judge: Miss E J Ford
BP In Show ECSSC Ch Show 2011. judge Mr Michael Ewing
BPB Sheltie at LKA 11.12.11 Judge: Mrs I Elder:
Top Sheltie Puppy 2011 in the Our Dogs Competition
The remaining point needed to claim her JW and also
at E of England LKS Open Show 28.01,12
ResCC at Paignton 06.08.12
CC at Manchester 18.01.14 judge Irene Beaden
1st Mid Limit Bitch Crufts 02.03.14  Mrs L J Roberts
1st Mid Limit Bitch SSC of Wales 16.03.14  Mra S Atkins
1st Limit Bitch YSSC 04.05.14
Mary Glover-Guest.
Res CC at Windsor 28.06.14 Mr J Carter
CC at National Working & Pastoral 12.07.14
judge Miss S Taylor
Res CC at Leeds 26.07.14 Mrs Maureen Bywater
Best Open Sable and White bitch ESSC 10.10.2015

Shelridge Shantilly Lace at Lianbray

(Willowgarth Bailey's Gold  ex
Malaroc Miss Behaving)
owner Gill Bray.

CC Leeds 2019 judge Sally Atkins

CC Richmond 2019 judge Linda Whittington


March 2014: Exported to Helge and Aud Jorun Lie,
Leeland Shelties Norway

Shelridge Shiraz "Kevin"
(photo 23.03.2014)

(Ch Syevlyn Coppersmith at Malaroc JW ex
Karmidale Matisse at Shelridge)
Born 12.04.2013 -
litterbrother to
Shelridge Sangiovese "Hobbes"
Eyetested clear CEA as a puppy
(as well as his litter brother)

CC and BOB in Norway
judge John Walsh, Ireland
CC in Norway 08.03.2015
judge Freddie Klindrup, Denmark

Shelridge Sangiovese "Hobbes" has joined
Serena Trillou and the Moorstiles in France

photo at 10 months
Born 12.04.2013

Best Dog Puppy at SSSC of Wales Ch Show 2014
 BPIS at Eastern Counties SSC Open Show'14 in Novice at YSSC Ch Show in May 2014 in JD at Windsor 28.06.14 in JD and GD at East of England Show 04.07.14
and enough points for Junior Warrant
1st in Mid Limit dog, Crufts 12.03.17


Photo of Hobbes taken after winning
the French National

2009: Merle has gone to live near the sea with Chris and Rosemary Firth-Clark

Shelridge Maid You Laugh with Mistmere "Merle"
By Malaroc the Master Clown ex Shelridge Chasing Rainbows