PEDIGREE for Ch Shelridge Wishmaster JW Date of Birth: 23rd March 2001
Colour: Blue Merle

Ch Hillhead
Blue Shadow
Seavall Tipple The Meadsman
at Myriehewe
Shelandale Blacksmith Myriehewe Double Trouble
Shelandale Baby Blue
Herds Hallen Hostess Ch Herds Hurdler
Dantralee Sunseeker
Seavall Bianca Sheldawyn Blue Buckle Felthorn Button Boy
Kyloe Curstie
Seavall Taboo Herds Its Hindsight
Seavall Bracelet
Blue Mist
Blue Savannah
Faradale Fascination Pepperhill Rough And Tumble
Miss Mandy of Dunbrae at Faradale
Vonstry Wedding Belle Ch Reubicia Blue Flame at Ruscombe
Myriehewe Ebony Mist
Penny Black
Ch Tegwel Smuggler
at Myriehewe
Rogues Gallery of Myriehewe
Tegwel Sweet Scandal of Tumberly
Sonymer Spring Morn Ch Crisanbee Goldsmith at Myriehewe
Sonymer Spring Fern
Seavall Truthful About Shelridge


Shelridge Flashdance Ruscombe
Play The Piper
Ruscombe Pipe Major Glenmist Future Vision
Ruscombe Majorette
Ruscombe Runabout
to Gemette
Glensanda Gallivanter
Ruscombe Midnight Sky
Morestyle Stardancer at Shelridge Morestyle Black Comet Felthorn Pipe Down
Morestyle Fashion Model
Morestyle Azure
at Shelridge
Shelridge Black Adder
Morestyle Lady In Clover
Seavall Belinda Herds Its Hindsight Hailsham of Herds Ch Riverhill Ricotta
Halicia of Herds
Herds Its Hearsay Havelock of Herds
Hesitation of Herds
Seavall Bracelet Herds The Handyman Ch Herds Hurdler
Hailstorm of Herds
Seavall Tassel Ch Pepperhill Blue Fizz
Trim of Seavall